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White People:  *back flips over actual KKK members*
White People:  *moonwalks past real neo-nazi blogs*
White People:  *goes into PoCs inbox*
White People:  You're whats keeping racism alive
A Small Amount of Stress Helps You Remember Things Better But a Large Amount Hinders Your Memory



According to this article, which tested the finding on rats, found that some stress helped the rats performed better on tasks but too much stress causes their performance to fall. This seems to intuitively apply to human as well. When you think of the times you did well on something especially on school tests, too much stress will make you unable to study. For example, when you leave everything to the last minute and you feel that you don’t have much time left to study or when you find the materials extremely difficult. As a result, they create so much stress that you can’t study. However, some stress such as knowing that the test is important to you and that it shouldn’t be too hard allowed you to sit still and get things done. This is often the scenario correct?

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